Intro to Body Painting

Intro to Body Painting


Interested in learning to body paint? Don’t know where to start? Join Rodrigo Piedra Master Body Painter from Costa Rica for an in depth body painting course covering everything from materials, to base coat, embellishments, to sealing your design. You will be amazed as Rodrigo transforms his model into a jaw dropping butterfly. This is a great class for all levels, so get ready to morph into the world of body painting!


Products Used

For your convenience each artist has a class page on Silly Farm Supplies where you can view all the products used in their classes and help you choose the products you want and need. Each FabaTV artist also wanted to share with you some of their most useful tips and tricks as well as free tutorials to give you inspiration throughout the year. You can find these free videos in the FabaTV Tutorials section.


Deborah Girvin 2011-07-18 10:56:10

I loved this tutorial it has inspired me to give it a go!

Lori Blyth 2011-12-07 02:14:03

Wow, now I want to try body painting! Very informative video and he gave a good explanation for everything he was doing. It's funny how it looked so mediocre in the beginning, but when everything was added on it looked stunning.

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