How It Works

It has never been easier!

Taking online face and body art classes from the world’s best instructors has never been easier or more affordable. You no longer have to take days off of work, travel, find a sitter, or re-arrange your schedule to be able to take face and body art classes.
We offer quality training on your time, at your pace, in the comfort of your own home! What more can you ask for?

With a FabaTV subscription you get unlimited access to our online training catalog, featuring exclusive classes from the industry's best, most creative teachers as well as several other perks including live classes, free tutorials and much more! For only $289.00 a year or *$29.99 a month. Only on can you find classes covering every aspect of face and Body art including classes on face painting, airbrushing, Black light body art, marketing, henna, and so much more!

(*Monthly subscriptions are on an automatic billing cycle, you will be billed every month on the date you join)


Most Popular Classes

00:54:58 Eye Florals - Face Painting Class Lyudmyla Kotova
00:24:43 Creativity on the Job Face Painting Class Gio Guzman
00:09:06 Sneaky Snakes Face Painting Class Lourdes Llanos Reyes
00:56:36 EZ Strokes FACe Painting Class Susy Amaro
00:52:29 Butterfly Garden Face painting Class Tamar David