About Us

Three years ago Heather Banks, CEO and artist of the largest retail company, Silly Farm Supplies www.sillyfarm.com also known as “Silly Heather” began to receive many requests on how to paint an easy eye design, quick animal face and much more.

Heather started making face painting tutorials and sharing them on YouTube.

Heather’s YouTube channel started to grow and the demand to learn became clearer than ever.  Heather teamed up with dream team: Master Designer Max Barbieri of BN Studio, Video Producer John Place of Green Box studios, and Public Relations specialist Glori Nieves to build an online classroom where everyone from around the world could take classes 24 hours-7 days of the week.  Thus, FabaTV came to be.  FabaTV was created for the many different arts such as professional beauty, bridal and runway makeup, magic, special effects and prosthetics, balloon artistry, face and body paint, henna, props.

Our goal is to provide quality education and training in the Face, Body and Entertainment Art industry. We are dedicated to making FabaTV the world’s best resource for everything related to entertainment.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, we are happy to have you and hope that you will enjoy all the fun material and products available for you.

Most Popular Classes

00:54:58 Eye Florals - Face Painting Class Lyudmyla Kotova
00:24:43 Creativity on the Job Face Painting Class Gio Guzman
00:09:06 Sneaky Snakes Face Painting Class Lourdes Llanos Reyes
00:56:36 EZ Strokes FACe Painting Class Susy Amaro
00:52:29 Butterfly Garden Face painting Class Tamar David