"faba tv is is AWESOME!!!!! have learned so much though faba more so than through books and its totally worth the subscription. I haven't seen a live class yet so im really looking forward in watching one in October :-) ps love sillyfarm as well I wish we had one in Australia :-) keep it up FABA and love to all the awesome face painters sharing there time and art. xoxo biggest fan Gemma :-)"

- Cheekychopsfp@live.com

"the different input and ideas of all featured artist rocks. I have applied many tips and tricks and it has improved my face painting ... thanks FABA TV"

- sandi_dusoleil@yahoo.com

"Since meeting Heather in the UK at Bristol, and signing up to FabaTV, i have achieved soooooooooooo much knowledge and some faba!! tips to assist me with my new creative skills. i just can't get enough of FabaTV. "

- vanillacream7@googlemail.com

"Why did I wait so long to subscribe?? FabaTV is such a great resource. Now I spend less time on FB and more time learning from FabaTV!!"

- daisy@tatattack.com

"what a great tool of learning good job guys!"

- maxbarbieri@mac.com

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