Movie Monsters

Movie Monsters


Join Nick and Brian Wolfe live as they paint movie monsters! Nick and Brian will explain in detail the techniques used to create these fast and effective far out faces. Freddy, Jason, , Dracula, Bloody Mary, the creature from the Black lagoon and as many other ghastly ghouls as they can paint. Don't be surprised if either brother talks about the creative process and how to tap into that energy easier. It's going to be live so you never know what these creators are going to come up with next. This show is just in time to pump you up for Halloween and the Wolfe brothers never fail to inspire the best from all of us


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Kerry Ann DePetro 2011-10-17 12:23:44

yay! Nick winked at me! seriously, funny class with great faces!

Katrina Nelson 2011-11-22 14:27:20

Yay!! Thanks for the awesome and quick designs!!

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