Butterfly Mania

Butterfly Mania


In this class Mark will take you from quick butterflies for long lines to more advanced show pieces. He will show you how to complete four different designs that vary in detail from simple to extreme. From a classic butterfly to blended beauty with so much more. This class is great for beginners as well as advanced artists.
Don’t be afraid to take the challenge and advance your skills.



Products Used

For your convenience each artist has a class page onSilly Farm Supplies where you can view all the products used in their classes and help you choose the products you want and need. Each FabaTV artist also wanted to share with you some of their most useful tips and tricks as well as free tutorials to give you inspiration throughout the year. You can find these free videos in the FabaTV Tutorials section.


Debra Mills 2013-04-27 07:39:31

I love this class so much I always hate my butterflies now I understand what i'm missing and where to improve and Mark Reid is so funny.

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