Under The Sea

Under The Sea


Make a splash at your next event with these animated sea creature designs! Set sail with Carmen as she charts a course straight for the crucial areas of the face, eyes and mouth. She challenges you to deflect their energy into bringing your designs to life instead of merely surfing around them. This class emphasizes on using natural facial features to enhance the design. It’s great for those looking to paint cool, fast and fun designs that will really impress children at your next gig.


Products Used

For your convenience each artist has a class page on Silly Farm Supplies where you can view all the products used in their classes and help you choose the products you want and need. Each FabaTV artist also wanted to share with you some of their most useful tips and tricks as well as free tutorials to give you inspiration throughout the year. You can find these free videos in the FabaTV Tutorials section.


Amanda Tozser 2011-06-17 01:05:21

Great class, the designs are so adorable and fun. Would have loved a close up of each face at the end from the outer camera though. Such a pleasure to watch though. : )

Sarah Gilbert 2011-06-30 22:38:26

Thank you for a great class! I can't wait to try these designs out on my kids... I know they are going to love them! The interactive eyes and mouth add a wonderful element of fun! I appreciated how you explained what size brush you were using as you switched between brushes.... Very helpful.

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