Intro to One Stroke

Intro to One Stroke


Join the world famous creator of One Stroke, Donna Dewberry, for an introduction to One Stroke face painting. Donna will break down the steps to creating beautiful fresh floral designs, impressive one stroke leaves, and quick tips and tricks to help you master your arty cakes. This class is excellent for any level painter; Donna will walk you through a blossoming world of face and body art.


Products Used

For your convenience each artist has a class page on Silly Farm Supplies where you can view all the products used in their classes and help you choose the products you want and need. Each FabaTV artist also wanted to share with you some of their most useful tips and tricks as well as free tutorials to give you inspiration throughout the year. You can find these free videos in the FabaTV Tutorials section.


Lorie McLelland 2011-07-15 12:22:54

Looking forward to trying out the Tiger lily design and the necklace designs!

chandra mustafaa 2011-07-15 21:05:16

I purchased a few of your designs in a sleeve and a couple of your painting books...I would practice with them every once and a while...and who knew it would be the same designs we'd use of the face and body. I'm so excited....thank you Donna.

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